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Imagine a world of travel where all is revealed and nothing is told but the truth.  Brochures that tell the truth, websites that have all the real facts.  


Welcome to our world, World Travellers.


World Travellers are passionate people who believe in the magic of travel.  Our lust for travel comes from the cultures, the landscapes, the experiences, the people we meet and the stories that bind them together.  We are avid travellers, and live to share our travel stories with you.  


To get the best from your World Travellers experience you should get directly in touch with us.  We are real people, in real travel stores, in convenient locations all around New Zealand. 


You can talk to us via email, Facebook, Twitter, phone, Skype or in person.  Just find your most convenient store and connect with us any way you like.  


Our local websites will also keep you in touch with upcoming travel events and shows, and keep you up to date with fresh travel news and information through our regular travel stories.

Cruising - the 'Foreign Collection'

'Foreign Collection' - an authentic local onboard cruising experience!

Cruising - The 'Foreign Collection'

Getting right in amongst it with the locals, experiencing the language, food, culture, wine and much more on your Foreign Collection Cruise.

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