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Canada & Alaska Differently

Canada & Alaska Differently

Canada & Alaska are a little bit special... and us kiwis get that because New Zealand is the same. We sometimes get overshadowed by this bigger cousin (no names mentioned) when in fact, we're totally different from what they offer and easily hold our own when it comes to breathtaking scenery & 'Wow' moments.

From one end to the next, Canada & Alaska is filled with unexpected wonders that will definitely awaken the inner explorer in all of us... so whether it be rail, road, cruise or coach... be inspired by some of our favourite picks to experience Canada and Alaska differently for your next holiday.

Hope to see you in store real soon!

Pop quiz...

What do Michael J Fox, Donald Sutherland & Justin Bieber all have in common? The same as every single other person on this list - prepare to be surprised by some!!

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