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Cruising & Touring: But not as you know them

It's time to see the best places, the best way - on a tour.

Touring has come a very long way since the days that you woke up before the birds, jumped aboard a bus and didn't get off again until you'd careened through 6 small towns and ticked several 'must-sees' off your list, and usually when it was too dark to appreciate your new home for the night. (That does sound a lot like some family holidays too now that we think about it!)

Now it's all about 'experiencing' the best any destination has to offer, with an expert on hand that feels more like a friend, like-minded travellers to share it with and the best part - access to places, people and things that you could likely not have done on your own steam.

So, if you think that you 'know touring' and convinced it's not for you, we urge you to think again because there's a very good chance you'll be rather delighted by the outcome. It's time to let Globus* look after you for a change.

*The Globus Family of Brands includes Globus, Avalon, Cosmos & Monograms

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