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New Caledonia

French Pacific Fusion

    What if we told you that your next gorgeous Pacific Island experience could include a twist of French sophistication & flair? And what if we added that it could all be yours in just a short three hour flight? Now watch this quick clip and tell us where you thought you'd be heading...

    It's New Caledonia, of course... so refreshing, so surprising and so, so close!

    Another reason to add it to your holiday list; the sub-tropical climate makes it the perfect all year-round escape. (Average temperatures between April & August are around 20°C - 23°C, and 25°C - 30°C between September and March)

    Plus there's plenty to explore - from the capital, Noumea on the main island of Grande Terre, to the ever gorgeous Isle of Pines just off the southern tip, to the Loyalty Islands of Lifou, Maré, Tiga and Ouvéa to the north east.

    So whether you're a group of gals (or guys) seeking a quick get-away, a couple searching for a babymoon, or just a world traveller looking to try something new, consider New Caledonia and all the exciting things it has to offer. Even better - start right now with some of the superb deals we've loaded below & give us a ring to get your New Caledonian holiday locked in.

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