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Over the last couple of years, there's been a growing trend among travellers to search out genuine & authentic travel experiences. Regardless of whether you're new to travelling or old hat, none of us just want to 'visit' a destination anymore - we want to experience its true culture and have real interactions with the locals.

Words like 'off the beaten track' and 'well-kept local secret' have always enticed travellers to search these opportunities out. Travel companies have cottoned on to this and are now incorporating these very aspects into their tours. Many of them have taken it a step further and it's only 'locals' that will escort you and tell you about their city - just like you were visiting them yourself.

Our friends at Trafalgar offer hand-picked insider experiences on their tours that will introduce you to the people, places and moments that only a friend in the destination could show you. Insight Vacations has a whole host of local historians, artisans, chefs & growers on hand that are passionate about their way of life and keen to share it with others. Contiki has been working hard for years to create tours that allow younger people to see another way of life - and celebrate it. And even though they boost the youngest & most innovative fleet on the water, Avalon Waterways hasn't skimped on their shore excursions and offer plenty of opportunity to get in there among the locals. And let's not forget all the options that DriveAway Holidays has to offer so that you can forge your own path.

February is a BIG month for travellers heading to the UK and Europe... a lot of you have already got some aspects booked, and it's this month that you add those final touches & extra bits that take your holiday from just a plan to a full blown travel event. So let us entice you with some amazing packages, river cruises, car hire, escorted tours, flights and more regardless of whether you're a 'first timer', 'been before' or 'serial traveller' of these much loved parts.

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