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Riccarton, Christchurch

World Travellers Riccarton is anything but ordinary. We have an experienced and passionate team of travel specialists just waiting to make your business and leisure travel arrangements seamless. Come in and see our friendly team on Mandeville Street anytime as we'd love the opportunity to quote on your next holiday or business trip.

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    Tiffany is the main person I deal with the thing I love the most is I send her lots of enquiries they don't all translate to bookings but she everytime I speak to her no matter what it is I am asking she is the same, she goes out of her way and her response is speedy which is very important to me I always want an answer asap. I think Sandy is the other person I see, when I go in they remember me which is a great feeling and they all know I love the free chocolate, we have a laugh it is fun it is like a personal relationship rather than a transaction. I recommend them all the time to everyone I know. Once I went to the flight centre maybe two years because of the cheap price of a deal. I will never do that again.

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    Sue Beechey looks after us so well remembering all our preferences etc.

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    It's really down to Russell. He has booked my corporate travel for me for years and I've been very happy with the service.


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