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Holiday going well.... until you fall off your mountain bike - three times!

Plenty of Kiwi travellers love a bit of adventure... some even travel just to find it! So if you're one of those that loves adrenalin hits, just be sure that your insurance will cover you for what you have planned - where possible, of course! (Here's a list of activities Cover-More covers).

Details of claim -

Location: Canada

Claim Value: $9,800

What happened?

Megan and Ryan enjoy active holidays and seek out destinations where they can enjoy their outdoor pursuits. It was the fantastic selection of tramping and mountain biking that saw them locking in Canada for a 3-month trip. Unfortunately, there was not one, but three separate occasions that the couple fell off their mountain bikes and injured themselves.

Ryan misjudged a drop and hit a tree stump, throwing him over the handlebars. He suffered a mild head injury and fractured his wrist.

Megan came off her bike on two separate occasions - injuring her shoulder, wrist, knee and hip, plus her elbow required stitches. She also damaged her teeth really badly and 2 had to be extracted as they could not be repaired.

How Cover-More helped:

  • Ambulance to hospital
  • All medical expenses in Canada
  • Physio appointments in Canada
  • Dental treatment in Canada
  • Follow-on dental and medical expenses in NZ not covered by ACC (maximum $1,500)
  • Although Cover-More covered the replacement of damaged clothing, they did not cover any costs for the damage to the mountain bikes, helmets, MTB chest protector or MTB neck brace as the policy does not provide cover for sporting equipment whilst in use. (Note: policy does provide cover if bicycles are damaged while in the custody of a Transport Provider)

Travellers tips:

  • Ryan and Megan's mountain biking accidents occurred on 3 separate occasions, resulting in 3 claims and an excess of $100 on each claim. This is a good example of the benefits of selecting a nil excess, especially when travelling for a longer duration.
  • Remember that with Cover-More you can claim online whilst travelling (as Ryan & Megan did) and check your claim status online. This is particularly beneficial for longer trips, where (if the claim is approved), you are able to receive your claim payments and keep travelling.

For more information on policy options or to get yourself covered, click on 'Cover my trip' below:

Or alternatively click here for an online quote.

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