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Are your cruise deposits & bookings protected?

04 October 2017


It's definitely no secret that to get the best cruise deals and cabins, it's wise to book as far in advance as you can… but that means that it’s even more important to safe guard your deposits & travel arrangements with comprehensive travel insurance. Having insurance from the get-go means that you have one thing less to worry about after putting down your hard-earned cash, right up until you pull back into your driveway after a wonderful cruise.

Need more convincing? Here's a list of some of the common claims received from cruise travellers...

Cancellation prior to travel

Cruises are often booked many months, even years, in advance meaning that cancellation due to illness, injury, medical operations and sadly, death, can easily occur in the months prior to a cruise. Cancellation prior to departure will result in the loss of deposits and in some instances, full cancellation fees will apply

Delayed travel

Weather is the main culprit here! Delayed flights & cancellation prior to a cruise, or cruises being delayed or rerouted due to cyclones, fog or snowstorms is a reality in these changeable weather times.

Medical claims

So you’ve made it onto your cruise… but alas, motion sickness, gastro, chest infection, viral illnesses, sunburn, sprained ankles & swimmers ear are some of the regular claims received. Seizure, DVT, stroke & heart attacks are particularly expensive as these medical emergencies often result in an air ambulance to the nearest island or mainland. And don't forget that continued medical costs upon returning to New Zealand are often required.

Luggage claims

This list is endless, but some common ones include...

  • Lost spectacles, hearing aids or damaged dentures
  • Cameras, smartphones and electronic items dropped into the sea whilst participating in water activities
  • Delayed or lost luggage

So talk to your travel agent about the range of travel insurance we offer & the cover you’ll get for:

  • Short local cruises, lengthy cruises, river cruises - we cover it all!
  • Cruise shore excursions for example scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and scooter hire
  • Cancellation of cruise prior to travel
  • Existing medical conditions

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