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World Travellers wins at inaugural New Zealand Travel Industry Awards - 2014

The inaugural TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards ceremony was held in Auckland in August 2014, and World Travellers was very proud to accept the award for Best Brand Retail Multi Location.

The award, sponsored by Air New Zealand, recognises the retail travel agency operating across two or more locations which demonstrates best practice in agency management and service delivery.

The Travel Agency Association of New Zealand (TAANZ) is the regulatory body for the New Zealand travel industry, and the awards recognise and celebrate the business acumen and achievements of the nation’s best travel businesses.

During her acceptance speech General Manager of the World Travellers cooperative, Wendy van Lieshout, thanked TAANZ for the opportunity to showcase their business in such a professional and unbiased forum and went on to thank the suppliers for their ongoing support.

She finished by saying that the award belongs equally to every one of the member travel businesses within the World Travellers cooperative, as it’s their individual successes and achievements that make the World Travellers cooperative such a huge success.

World Travellers operates more than 30 independently owned travel shops and mobile travel businesses around New Zealand.

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