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World Travellers Community Sponsorships

World Travellers is a locally conscious business so we understand supporting locals is good for our business and offers numerous benefits boosting our local economy and community spirit. We continually look for ways we can support non-profit community initiatives and help enhance the quality of the home we work, live and play in.

If you have a community group that needs support please enquire HERE.

Local Business Support

As 100% kiwi owned and operated businesses it is our responsibility to support other local businesses by sourcing as much product and consumables from local suppliers and creating joint partnerships with local individuals and groups.

In addition to providing locals with a highly professional service for personal travel we are also preferred travel professionals for many local SME businesses providing high value corporate travel services to key local companies and consciously support these businesses whereever we can.

Quality Service & Products

Our reputation for quality is a competitive advantage. It is an advantage we guard carefully, taking responsibility for our part in maintaining the trust of our customers to deliver only the highest quality travel products and services.

We are committed to:

• Consistently satisfy and surpass customer expectations

• Produce and supply safe quality travel

• Fully comply and support industry qualifications, certifications and requirements

• Right wrongs and put our customer first every time

• Engage with quality suppliers at competitive market prices

Our current sponsorship:


World Travellers, Official Travel Partner of Tennis New Zealand

Tennis New Zealand is the national leadership body for tennis in New Zealand responsible for the development of the game from grassroots to elite level.

We are proud to partner with a like-minded organisation to help assist Tennis NZ to deliver their national programmes and services to their members across the country.

A significant part of Tennis NZ's activities is given to organising national tournaments, arranging overseas tours for junior players, and support for our emerging players on the world tours.

We are also delighted to be an official sponsor of the New Zealand Fed Cup National Women’s representative tennis team.

Tennis NZ launched Tennis Hot Shots in October 2013, a world class starter program for kids aged 3 - 12. The philosophies of Tennis Hot Shots are learning through play, using modified equipment, and following a progressive pathway through the four stages of development - blue, red, orange and green. Visit the Tennis Hot Shots website.

Tennis NZ has nearly 400 member clubs and nearly 40,000 individual members. Tennis NZ provides Match Hub a national grading system online for all competitive players in the country.

More than 300,000 people play tennis in New Zealand, making it the country's second most popular adult participation sport. Tennis NZ is an advocate for all these tennis players too.

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