Why your next trip overseas should be a cycling tour

03 June 2019

Fresh air, the open road, and the freedom to travel at your own pace. What’s not to love about a cycling trip? While you might think it’s just for the young and super fit, there are plenty of people of all ages getting on board with this way of travelling, as it offers a means to see a destination differently.

Here’s why you should think about doing a cycling tour for your next trip overseas.

1. It gives you a more authentic travel experience

The benefit of travelling on two wheels is that you get to experience a destination at a slower pace and therefore take more time to truly immerse yourself in the landscapes, culture, food and history of a place. This makes cycling tours well suited to those who like a more immersive experience rather than jumping from one place to another. You can stop whenever you like to chat to a local, buy some street food, take a photo or stop to see something that looks interested. All of these things are hard to do on a coach tour, so suits people who like to do things at their own pace.

2. It’s an active adventure

Ever return from a trip overseas after gorging yourself on local delicacies and lounging around on the beach? It’s totally worth it, but the regret afterwards can sometimes hit hard, and makes it difficult to get back into your standard exercise routine. With a more active style of travel like cycling, you won’t have to worry about this as you’ll be on the go every day. Most cycling tours aren’t arduous or overly challenging, but they will keep you moving, getting plenty of fresh air and keeping the blood pumping.

3. It’s the perfect way to explore both city and countryside

Cycling is a great way to get around urban centres, particularly if you’re travelling in Europe. World Travellers’ own Stuart McKay points out that a number of cities have segregated cycle lanes that are integrated into the traffic controls, which makes it both easy and safe to get around. If you’re going on a river cruise, some river cruise ships have their own on board bikes for guests to use, so you can mix things up with a bit of leisurely cruising and active cycling if you don’t want to spend the entire time on your bike.

City cycling not your thing? You can hop on your bike to explore food and wine trails, rural backroads and quaint villages. You can check beforehand what level of difficulty will be involved, as it’s usually easier than you think! Many of the roads are flat, meaning you won’t need to exhaust yourself too much and can really enjoy the experience.

4. The benefits might extend once you get back home

If you weren’t an avid cyclist before embarking on your adventure abroad, the chances are a cycling tour will whet your appetite for the tarmac and see you become a cycling enthusiast once you land back in New Zealand. And before you start dreading your wardrobe turning into a lycra palace, consider the health benefits of cycling. Cycling, along with walking, makes Kiwi adults 76% more likely to meet physical activity guidelines, researchers from the University of Otago found. Not only that, but cycling can:

  • Reduce your everyday fuel and parking costs.
  • Contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.
  • Lessens traffic congestion.

Ready to get on your bike and experience the world differently? Find your nearest World Travellers store to start planning your adventure.

And if cycling’s not your thing, we’ve got plenty more experiences that will float your boat. Find yours here.



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