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Expenses for that dream trip adding up? Don't let that stop you from making lifetime memories. Let the Lenders on Harmoney's peer-to-peer marketplace help you make it an adventure to remember.

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Who is Harmoney and how does it work?

Harmoney is NZ's leading peer-to-peer money marketplace - where everyday people borrow money from (and lend money to) other everyday people. Hence the term 'peer' to 'peer.'

Harmoney is not the one lending the money - everyday people like you do that. Instead, their role is to administer an online marketplace, as well as act as an intermediary between those borrowing and those lending, to protect your anonymity.

Think of Harmoney as the town hall where the local craft market is held. Their job is to give Borrowers a place to 'list' their loans, and a place for Lenders to find people to lend money to. They also make sure that the people who are in the marketplace are of good standing. Want to know more? Head this way to find out how it all works.

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