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Boutique Journeys for Solo Travellers

Do you enjoy travelling but don’t have someone that shares this same passion with you? Want to explore the world but feel a little daunted at heading out on your own?

Then why not join one of our Boutique Journeys for Solo Travellers!

They're exclusively designed for solo travellers, meaning you'll get to share the joy of travel with people just like you, and our small tour numbers (ranging from 10 to 14 people per tour) ensures that you will never feel lost in a crowd. Plus, our tour host will be there with you every step of the way, making sure you have a trouble free journey that you'll remember for years to come.

So come along with us & enjoy the ride - life is after all for living!

A bit about our tours...

  • Exclusively for solo travellers
  • Maximum of 10 to 14 per tour
  • A capable tour host will be with you from start to finish to take care of all the details - meaning you just need to sit back and enjoy!
  • Pre-departure get togethers are offered so that everyone has the chance to meet before the plane even leaves the tarmac
  • We offer Lounge access at Auckland International Airport, which offers another opportunity to get to know each other & and enjoy some refreshments before take-off
  • Opt to have your own room or share with someone else (for those keen to share - we will do our best to match you up with someone of the same gender)
  • Hotel stays are in 4-star properties in good locations (Please note: on occasion, we may use 3-star hotels when it's the 'best available' in that area e.g. Cinque Terre in Italy and Plitvice Lakes in Croatia (2016 tours))
  • We allow for plenty of free time in our itineraries so that you have the opportunity to enjoy some things at your own pace
  • We've found that a combination of all of the above makes for a very comfortable environment to enjoy your tour and develop lifelong friendships.

Make your travel dreams happen this year and get yourself on one of our exciting tours. But don't delay - our small numbers means that space is very limited so call or email us today to lock in your spot.

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