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From Norse legends and Viking sagas to Mediterranean empires and holy lands - Europe's history and culture is at your fingertips when you embark on a Holland America Line cruise.

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Holland America Line is a recognised leader in cruising and has been for the past 145 years. It's known for its award-winning services, incredible dining facilities, space and comfort, extensive activities and its fascinating itineraries that bring your dreams to life.

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Right now you can book one of the cruise itineraries featured below through World Travellers. Each one offers a unique experience, whether it's cruising through the Norwegian fjords or around the ancient cities of the Mediterranean. Whatever your European dream is, Holland America Line will help you make it a reality.

Click on one of the featured cruises below for more information about the itinerary, terms and conditions and to enquire. Our cruising experts are on hand to help you book the European experience of a lifetime.

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