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South America and Antarctica Birthday Sale with Viva Expeditions

40% of Antarctica cruises and 10% off selected small group tours.

2019 marks Viva Expedition's 10th year so they are kicking it off with a bang!

You can save up to 40% on Antarctica cruises. Viva Expeditions, with some new year additions, can now comfortably say they have the most affordable Antarctica cruises on the market. Antarctica cruises now start at $7,460 NZD and on offer; receive 15% discount on Category 4-7 cabins and 20% discount on Category 8-10 cabins.

These new affordable Antarctica cruises depart on the Ocean Endeavour. A recently renovated polar expedition ship with plenty of class and comfort for your clients to be able to enjoy their journey. The ship has the best guide to passenger ratio in Antarctica (1:8) and has specially designed zodiacs with forward facing seats for the best photo opportunities. Onboard, your clients can enjoy amenities that include expedition lounge, two restaurants, bar, pool, Jacuzzi, library, gym, sundeck, spa facilities and sauna. Optional activities include kayaking, snowshoeing, camping, private photography workshops, hiking and yoga.

You can also save 10% on their small group tours. Your clients can walk to the huge granite pillars of Torres del Paine, wonder the ancient streets of Machu Picchu and meander down the Amazon river to the sounds of the jungle. Save 10% on tours travelling across Peru, Patagonia, Brazil, Amazon Jungle and Argentina. These tours either use Viva's custom-built vehicle or a mix of plane, train, private vehicles, buses and boats.

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