Kirsty Mackintosh

Kirsty Mackintosh

Travel Broker

I am a qualified Travel Broker, passionate about travel and with the resources to sort through vast amounts of information and the knowledge to ensure that the style of travel, the experiences and everything in your trip are in line with what you’ll appreciate and enjoy.

The travel industry is constantly changing. As a competent Travel Broker I am refreshing and updating my skills and knowledge base to keep on top of these changes and stay aware of all choices being offered. I believe it is my duty to clients to stay abreast of the changes and new products and services that are available in our market.

The convenience of accessible communication allows me to pay personal attention and detail to your travel requirements in a way that was not always possible in my previous positions within the travel industry.

I myself have travelled to many places in the world and have had the opportunity to live and work in Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland. Having the opportunity to be more than a tourist in all these countries allowed me to experience travel at many different levels. Whether it’s criss-crossing London on the Tube, bus hopping through Europe, cruising the Mediterranean, rodeoing in Canada or holidaying in the Pacific, I can give you the benefit of my broad personal experience. If you want someone who can answer your questions, who can offer suggestions about travel you might not know about, or who can speak frankly about a destinations amenities or drawbacks, using me as your Travel Broker may make the difference between a fantastic journey or a disappointment.