Break the Shackles

Join the Revolution

In 2013 two ageing but good looking travel agents sought a new life of freedom, fam’s and financial happiness. Stu McKay and Andrew Parke teamed up and travelled the world searching high and low seeking a new lifestyle travel broker model that would combine heaps of hard work, with oodles of travel opportunities, and the mandatory bonus of flexible hours for family, sport or just more travel, they didn't find it. So, they created their own model agency!

The Fuzion name came about by ‘fuzing’ the bricks and mortar and brokers models together by offering a office/team environment that affiliates can come and go as they please. With offices currently in Auckland and Queenstown with a blue print for future expansion established.

Now 4 years later Fuzion are one of the top World Travellers stores with turnover in excess of $12m pa and a possy of 15 travel affiliated located throughout the country – capture our success to date with plans for the future ie tip of the ice berg.