Who Are World Travellers?

The merry band of World travellers got together in 2010 simply because the business travel models in NZ no longer met the market needs of customers or consultants.

Fuzion Travel joined some of the smartest business owners in the land and set up a “co-operative” business model, taking out the franchisor middle-man and instead passing 100% of all profits, benefits and overrides back to our member stores, significantly increasing their profits.

Who owns World Travellers?

World Travellers is owned by its members. Checkout NZ Companies website and you’ll see the shareholding is made up of equal parcels held by each of the member stores. Our constitution (available on our website) does not allow outside shareholders. This means that your business is firmly “attached” to Fuzion who are in charge of their own destiny. No-one else’s corporate objectives will affect your host store or your business.

Who do I buy through?

Fuzion have the most attractive preferred wholesale arrangement with Go Holidays and all the Helloworld suppliers along with a limitless range of global industry preferred suppliers. The bottom line however is that it’s your call, you buy from whichever supplier offers you what your clients want, at the best price. 

Your business is your business 

Whatever your circumstances, whether you want to work 40 hours a week or 20 hours a week, we understand that it’s your business! We do expect however that you are happy to be part of our Fuzion Travel ‘team’. That means you are willing to attend our weekly meetings (in person or via Skype), come to our annual conference and in general are happy to help out other affiliates when it comes to destination knowledge, marketing tips or whatever else you have to share!

What is the cost to setup?

There is minimal cost and limited time required to setup and commence trading. A laptop and a mobile phone and you are away.

What systems do you use? 

We are contracted to Travelport until 2022 with Galileo as our CRS product. Our mid/back office is Travelog and our hosted server provide the suite of Microsoft products.