Lisa Falk

Lisa Falk

Travel Consultant

I'm a travel expert in...

...Pacific Islands, Australia, India, Singapore, Canada, America, Japan, Africa, Europe, family holidays, small and large ship cruising.

I became a World Traveller after...

...Travelling to Japan when I was a student at college, we went to Japan for a month and we were immerged into the culture. It opened my eyes up to the big wide world and how there is so much to see. I returned from that trip with a passion to have a career in the travel industry. I knew that is what I wanted to do when I left school. When I left school I completed a travel course at “Travel Careers and Training” in Wellington. I managed to get a job quite easily on completion in Wellington then returned home to the Wairarapa. I worked for several travel agency chains prior to getting the opportunity to buy into a travel agency myself which is now “World Travellers Masterton”.

My best travelling experience...

...Every travel experience I have had is unique and I enjoy travelling anywhere and everywhere. I guess one of my most fascinating trips was to India just over 3 years ago. It was a country that had never appealed to me and honestly years earlier would have not been on my list. But then I became very interested in going there so I suggested to my partner should be go there, he was keen so off we went. Well I cannot describe how amazing it was from the culture to the people to the history. It should be on everyone’s travel list.

We just returned from a lovely family holiday to Singapore, spending 8 days up there with the two kids and we all thoroughly enjoyed out busy, fun filled holiday. It is a fantastic family holiday destination and now with direct flights on Singapore Airlines from Wellington makes it very simple to get there.

I never travel without...

...Travel insurance, it is really something that should be taken out for every trip no matter if it is Australia or if it is Europe you are travelling to. We can sort out travel insurance for you which also makes is easier if you come to make a claim as we can help you fill out forms and help with any documentation you might be requiring.

Places I've Been