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Westpac Rotorua Small Business Award Winners 2019 - Galaxy Travel Ltd (sponsored by Osbornes Funeral Directors)

World Travellers is a fresh new travel brand created by a group of highly successful, like-minded travel agency owner-operators, each with decades of experience in the travel business. We are 100% New Zealand owned and totally committed to our customers, our teams, our independence and our businesses - every single day. Galaxy Travel began in Rotorua in 1980 with Elspeth Burrell and Patricia Geddes. They had very strong ideas about wanting a travel agency that stood out amongst the masses and Galaxy Travel has continued to do so throughout its 39 years of operation. In January 2010 Galaxy joined the World Travellers co-operative to strengthen our position and to share our skills and knowledge with other like minded agencies. As current owners, Craig &Joanna Corbett are proud and excited about being part of the World Travellers team. Our Galaxy Team fits the World Travellers mould. We are first and foremost, travellers. We enjoy creating solutions for your travel requests and have the knowledge and experience to do so. Joanna, Michelle, Treena,and Alana have travelled extensively. This enables them to get the itinerary right for their customers. Jo van der Woude ensures we get the accounting right! We’re World Travellers just like you...

As a brand, World Travellers is committed to offering you outstanding, high touch customer service, spectacular travel solutions and a very high level of client appreciation.

Galaxy Travel's owners and consultants are themselves "World Travellers", who are open and honest, reliable and talented. We are experts in the intricacies of international travel who can sort out the on-line clutter and give you best value solutions.

We genuinely care about your leisure and business travel arrangements, personally and professionally - as we always have and always will.

We fully understand you want to receive honest transparent advice, innovative ideas, clear communication and the ability to have a single point of contact before, during and after your trip. With us, you will.

With World Travellers you can go further and stay in touch. So when it's time to book your next business or leisure trip, come back to us at Galaxy Travel, we're still here - but better!

Our professional travel service includes: domestic New Zealand and worldwide travel bookings, trip and itinerary planning, passport and up-to-the-minute visa advice, coach touring, river, ocean and expedition cruising, overland safaris, rental car, rail and coach transportation, hotel and resorts, on-site Travelex foreign exchange, special package deals and everything inbetween.

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