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With vast experience Harbour City Travel, Wellington travel agency, is a team of 5 with 130 years' travel industry experience and 120 countries visited or lived in. We specialise in long haul international travel for leisure, business and groups. We also create itineraries for inbound travellers.

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The company is locally owned by Chris and Barbro Scott, since 2004, (CB Scott Limited) and has a strong appreciation of Wellington, of New Zealand and the world. We are well equipped to handle the planning, processing and delivery of a vast variety of travel requirements both internationally and within New Zealand. Harbour City Travel started its existence in 1981. Harbour City's name changed when it joined the United Travel Group in 1989 to become Harbour City United Travel. In June 2010 Harbour City Travel resigned from the United Travel Group and joined the World Travellers cooperative group.

Affiliations Benefit our Customers.
Joining the World Travellers cooperative group in 2010 has enabled Harbour City Travel to further grow its list of suppliers and contacts increasing its strong buying power. There is a continual sharing of ideas and innovations among the World Travellers group, helping us to stay abreast in an ever-changing fast paced industry. Harbour City Travel is well recognised within the industry and maintains strong links with all major suppliers and various boutique suppliers.

We are located in BERL House, Level 9, 108 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand.

Harbour City Travel, Wellington travel agent, is a shareholder of the World Travellers cooperative, and members of TAANZ (Travel Agents Association New Zealand) and IATA (International Aviation Travel Association), giving you the assurance that we are supported by, and meet the stringent criteria of New Zealand's leading travel industry regulatory bodies.

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