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I’m a very proud local, born and bred in Opotoki and associated with the local Iwi. I enjoy sponsoring community events such as the annual charity concert and I also sponsor local horse sports.

I’m very easy to find in the main street of town, and I enjoy a fantastic relationship with World Travellers McIntosh Travel in Whakatane, who act as my “head office” and support me in Opotiki. I am very lucky to work alongside their great team.

My personal travel experience is vast. I lived in Sydney for 8 years and explored Australia thoroughly during that time. I’ve also travelled to South America with my young family no less than 3 times, and know it like the back of my hand. I’m well-versed in South Pacific weddings too (I've specifically trained as a Rarotonga Wedding Specialist), plus I’ve travelled extensively throughout the Pacific including Samoa and Fiji.

I hold a Level 4 qualification in Travel, which is the highest available diploma, recognising my professionalism and expertise in the industry. My clients appreciate the fact that I am available 24/7 and they enjoy the peace of mind and confidence of using me as their personal assistant when it comes to travel.

Above all, which is evident when you talk to my clients, I absolutely love my job!

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World Travellers are passionate people who believe in the magic of travel. Our lust for travel comes from the cultures, the landscapes, the experiences, the people we meet and the stories that bind them together. We are avid travellers, and live to share our travel stories with you.

We take the hassle out of time-consuming itinerary research. We scour the internet and our own connections so you get the best value. We use our experiences, and those of other World Travellers staff to enhance yours. We tap into our huge database of genuine World Travellers customers who happily share their experiences so you can check out true opinions of like-minded people. We stand behind everything we sell with 24/7 care and attention.

Every World Travellers store is owner-operated by real Kiwis who belong to the fastest growing travel cooperative in New Zealand. We are well established travel professionals who have developed our own unique brand dedicated to world travellers just like you.

Knowledge sets us apart World Travellers stores enjoy 90%+ repeat and referral business. Our knowledge is built and based on a unique internal database that allows us to tap into a nationwide network of professionals. We have experts in weddings, adventure, dive, fishing, cruise and more, plus we use our customers' past travel experiences to enhance yours. We will even give one of our customers a call for you to dig up that extra morsel of information or recommendation. We're a huge extended network of World Travellers.

Check out our Travel Blogs where our staff, travellers, suppliers and resident bloggers share their opinions and thoughts on their own travels, giving you valuable insights from world travellers just like you!

When you return from your next trip, we'd love to hear about it too - just submit your experiences to your consultant and we'll add it to our blogs.

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