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Amy Dixon

Amy Dixon World Traveller - Travel Designer

Phone: 07 3497 448

My Next Bucket List Destination Is...

... New York City

I’m a travel expert in…

… Corporate Travel, Canada Skiing, USA Skiing, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Fiji, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Paris, Dubai & Sports & Events.

I became a World Traveller with…

…help of my parents for taking me on the best experiences I could ask for as a kid. Skiing the slopes in Canada, USA and enjoying the fun of the Gold Coast and the shopping in Melbourne. As soon as I returned from an amazing ski holiday in Keystone, Colorado I knew travel was for me. You won’t catch me without my passport.

My best travelling experience…

…includes getting the idea, to booking the holiday, then boarding the plane. Nothing thrills me more than the plane taking off. If I had to pick one so far… it would have to be my trip to Disneyland Los Angeles then onto Keystone, Colorado. Colorado took my breath away, from the people to the sights to the adventure. Just let your mind run wild.

I never travel without…

…an open mind, you never know where your mind will take you. My gym gear, a good travel companion and of course, my passport.

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    Great service, owner and staff very helpful and go the extra mile!


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