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Anna Rowbotham

Anna Rowbotham Travel Professional

Phone: +64 9 527 7893
Mobile: +64 21 656 355

I’m a travel expert in ...…I am a “Premium Travel” junkie and absolutely love the USA as a destination that has so much more to offer than most imagine especially when I get you off the beaten track. I have also travelled and booked countless clients to Europe, UK, Australia, Pacific Islands, Asia, Middle East gained over the last 20 years.

I became a Fuzion Travel Advisor because…...I had won so many awards and seriously enjoyed my 16 plus years at Flight Centre but wanted to step up my level of personal service. Now I work my own hours which ironically means I am on call 24/7 and often travel to meet my clients in their home or office. I am your personal travel concierge!

My best travelling experience is……Turning left when I board. Seriously business class is now so affordable and we have so many ways of making sure you don’t get anything but the best seat on the best aircraft at prices that invariably beat the internet.

I never travel without…...My sleeping pills for longhaul flights and my downloaded pod casts and my favourite TV shows on my ipad. Yes even the unbelievably good inflight entertainment can need a bit more on those 17 plus hour flights.

My favorite client’s story is……Pulling in my airline contact favours and rescuing a client who was suddenly hospitalised to get her home super safe and fast.

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