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Anna Rowbotham

Anna Rowbotham Travel Professional

Phone: +64 9 527 7893
Mobile: +64 21 656 355

I have accumulated 16 years’ off experience in the travel industry with the last 14 years at Flight Centre.

As a consultant I have taken out multiple awards on a monthly and yearly basis. Even last year taking out the Infinity Holidays Top Holidays Consultant. I have a passion for travel and would love to pass on my experience to you.

So, now I’m able to help you with all of your travel requirements, whether it’s a family holiday to the Gold Coast, a Tour in South America, a cruise around Hawaii, or just a flight to see family and friends on the other side of the world. And most importantly, I can book your travel, save you all the hassle of doing it yourself, all for the same price (more times less) than what you can find on the internet yourself.

I am excited to see friends and family whom I have helped in the past now referring their friends and colleagues to me. I am looking forward to continuing helping people with all their travel needs, so please make sure you get in touch when you are heading away next, all of my details are below. Or please send my details onto anyone that needs a great broker to book their next holiday.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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