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Ash Dunoyer

Ash Dunoyer World Traveller / Expert Travel Consultant

Phone: 03 443 7414

I’m a travel expert in…
…UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore

I became a World Traveller by…
...taking myself out of my comfort zone and experiencing what each individual destination has REALLY got to offer.

My best travelling experience is…
... meeting the locals and getting amongst all that's on offer or getting off the beaten track.

I never travel without… adventurous streak or my eyes wide open to every experience.

My favourite client’s story is…
...two of my clients are sisters. One loves to travel and the other, not so much. They wanted to go to Rome for a couple of nights before heading to Greece and I suggested an extra 4-night tour around Italy. One of the sisters wasn’t too keen of course but when she got back, all she could talk about was that tour, and their guide, Stefan.

  • "Helpful and easy to work with"

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