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Bruce Mackintosh - Broker Kerikeri

Bruce Mackintosh - Broker Kerikeri World Traveller

Phone: 09 4078667
Mobile: 021 0234 0752

I'm a travel expert in ...
... Asia, Pacific, Cruising, UK & Europe

I became a World Traveller by ...
... I am passionate and believe in the magic of travel.

My best travelling experience is ...
... some amazing experiences over the years such as visiting the game parks in South Africa, the incredible ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the majestic scenery cruising the inside passage in Alaska, the Trans Mongolian railway journey from Ulan Bator to Helsinki, as well as quite a few less strenuous holidays in the Pacific Islands!

My blog posts

  • "Attention to detail, courteous, thorough, helpful, goes above and beyond. Highly recommend."

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