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Christine Sheppard (ANZITT)

Christine Sheppard (ANZITT) Worldwide Travel Designer/Manager

Phone: 06 876 5111
Mobile: 021 492 777

I’m a travel expert in…
…Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa, New Caledonia, Hawaii, Singapore, Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, France, Budapest, Prague, Austria, Russia, Scandinavia, UK, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt

I became a World Traveller by…
…going on my OE opened many doors for me. I worked in London and then a Swiss Ski Resort for five years and travelled extensively either by coach touring or private mini bus during my holiday breaks. Since my return to New Zealand, I’ve continued to work in the travel industry and add to my list of destinations experienced.

My favourite client story is…
…when one of my well travelled clients came into to see me and wanted to try something completely different and random. I’d just returned from Borneo and knowing that my clients enjoyed a spot of bird watching, as well as a love of turtles, plus they were keen for somewhere beachy, warm, relaxed and with a bit of culture, I got them booked to Borneo. They LOVED it and returned back raving from a dream holiday.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

My blog posts

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    Christine Shephard has been brilliant in arranging our 3 trips overseas in the past 18 months Nothing is to much trouble for her and every thing has worked out great


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