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Dave Whitaker

Dave Whitaker Travel Specialist

Phone: 03 528 1550
Mobile: 0212154476

My specialist area is short haul travel that includes Australia, Pacific Island, New Zealand. My favourite country is Fiji , I love the people and the climate. I recently had a 10 day family trip in Fiji and it was truly an amazing experience.

I enjoy assisting people achieve things on their bucket list. Holidays and travel are so important for peoples wellbeing and therefore it is important to understand the needs of the customer, what they like to do on holiday and cater accordingly.

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Fiji, Vanuatu, Barcelona, LA, Los Vegas, San Francisco, Rarotonga, Bali, Australia, Europe – cruised the Mediterranean from Barcelona to Venice, Greece, Hawaii, UK and Ireland.

Joined Air New Zealand in 1999 after spending 25 years in the banking industry. I worked as a customer service agent at Christchurch Airport before taking up a role as Airport Manager Queenstown. My role was to ensure the clients had seamless travel on the airline they were travelling on, and to make sure that any disruption to their travel was handled professionally and with empathy. In December 2014 I moved up to Motueka for a lifestyle change and I was fortunate to being given a job a Mondo Travel now World Travellers. It’s been a big learning curve to understand the other side of travel but I’m enjoying the challenge.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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    Recently I popped in Motueka World Travellers looking for a week away to either Cairns or Fiji, left my email and I think it was Dave who put a package together which was really good unfortunately we were Not able to take up either of the offers but he was really fantastic I feel sad that I wasn't able to go and thank him.


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