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Emma Gustavsson -Christchurch

Emma Gustavsson -Christchurch Travel Professional

Phone: +64 21 2767676
Mobile: +64 21 2767676

I’m a travel expert in ...
…making sure that your holiday is yours and no one else’s. It’s so easy to book a package deal to anywhere online but that is not necessarily what you want. My own off the beaten trek kind of travel allows me to give you some insight to where the great spots are around the world. Premium travel, efficient, a seamless process and having a massive amount of travel with my son I know what works for families and equally for people who prefer to be away from them!!

I became a Fuzion Travel Advisor because… gives me the freedom to treat my Customers the way they deserve to be looked after and after 13 years in the industry Fuzion is an amazing next step for me to draw on all my strengths whilst having lots of fun creating people’s dreams.

My best travelling experience is…
…driving through the Rocky Mountains in Canada, a self drive that I will never forget. The wildlife is exceptional and Mother Nature so majestic. Every time we took another turn left me breathless and staying by Moraine Lake for a few nights was the best rejuvenation anyone could ever want. Finished off with the Calgary Stampede where my cowgirl boots came in handy!

I never travel without… open mind. To me travelling is the best way to gain insight into other people’s lives, culture and myself. I learn so much every trip I take and come back much richer than I was when I left. Oh and my own merino blanket, it’s kept my body warm (& cool) with the ever changing temperatures on flights, trains, buses and boats throughout the world.

My favourite client’s story is…
…accompanying one of my Customers 12 year old daughter to Auckland from Christchurch so she could get onto the international flight to go and see her parents in the States. None of the family was available so I happily got on the plane with her and made sure she was being looked after when she was so anxious about her first trip on her own. I also got to give that same girl a ticket wallet on her 21st birthday with her own ticket to the States to see all the friends she has made over the years. I love that stuff!

Contact me...

021 2767676

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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