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Emma Gustavsson -Christchurch

Emma Gustavsson -Christchurch Travel Professional

Phone: +64 21 2767676
Mobile: +64 21 2767676

My passion for travelling the world and assisting others to do the same means that I am back in this amazing business after 6 months of spending uninterrupted time with my beautiful 8 year old boy Hunter.

The last 12 years in the travel industry has enabled me to see most of the world through my customer’s eyes, I LOVE every stage of making a trip happen; from the dream stage to when you return from the trip with hundreds of photos to show me and stories to tell. Excitement for me is to be part of your journey, anything from a local event to a lifelong dream of a tour through a new continent or a cruise for all the generations in your family to create new memories.

My customers will tell you that I am efficient and have an eye for detail which means that I take care of the things you might not have thought about, it’s the little things that makes a big impact. I always make sure that I have an understanding of what it is that YOU want, after all it’s your trip, not mineJ

My own travel adventures started out as a young teenager heading from Sweden to the UK for a language trip for 3 weeks, after that I was hooked. The teachings from that experience still stays with me and for years I was a very independent intrepid traveller who took the road less travelled and got a buzz from meeting lots of locals really get to know the people that I visited.

That is still very important to me as I want to show my son the different cultures and worlds that many of us live in and what makes each place special. My style of travel has changed slightly over the years and I have had the excellent opportunities to stay at some of the world’s top resorts and this is where I first hand got to see why it’s the little things that matters the most.

Joining Fuzion means that I can give my customers what they want; the freedom to book their trip any way they want whether it’s over a cuppa in their lounge (or mine!), email, phone or Skype. People booking with me over and over again gives me a feeling that I can’t explain and when they refer me to their friends, family, work colleagues and anyone else that comes in their path shows me that they have full confidence in the work I do.

I am so excited to help you with all your travel needs!

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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