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Fiona Garde

Fiona Garde Travel Consultant

Phone: 03 441 4660
Mobile: 021 071 3591

I’m a travel expert in…
…Australia, Asia, Fiji, Tahiti

I became a World Traveller by…
…taking a year out after university and exploring the world. This led me to New Zealand, where I now explore the world from!

My best travelling experience is…
…trying new places and new adventures.

I never travel without…
…travel insurance! I’ve heard such horror stories of people without insurance, or clients having to use it before they’ve even left the country. Once I’ve booked the trip, the insurance is next.

My favourite client’s story is…
…sending a new client to Tahiti. Having just been there myself, I was able to recommend some suggestions based on exactly what I’d just done, which had been amazing! They loved it and are now repeat clients.

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