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Graham Elliott

Graham Elliott Managing Director

Phone: 06 868 4129
Mobile: 021 308 855

I’m a travel expert in…
…Canada, Alaska, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Australia, Cuba, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Central Africa

I became a World Traveller by…
…being able to include the following on my list of many places visited: Nepal, Cuba, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Jordan, Egypt… the list keeps growing too!

My best travelling experience is…
... anything from five star cruising to mountain biking in Tanzania.

I never travel without…
…a good attitude and respect for the country's culture.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

My blog posts

  • "Because they bend over backwards to help you in every imaginable way and they have people skills that make you want to stay with them."

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