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Hamish Paterson

Hamish Paterson Travel Consultant

Phone: 03 308 8219

I became a World Traveller by...

...never losing my passion for travel and exploring the parts of city and towns that aren't always well frequented by travellers.

I'm a travel expert in...

... South America, Asia, UK/Europe, South Pacific, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Middle East, cruising and rail holidays,

My best travelling experience is...

...South America - eating Alpaca steak in Cuzco, visiting Machu Pichu, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires. Such a broad contrast of sights and beautiful cities!

I never travel without...

...researching my destination, compression socks, travel insurance and neck pillow for those long flights.

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My blog posts

  • "Hamish Patterson goes out of his way to make things happen for us!"

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