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Janet Tucker

Janet Tucker

I became a World Traveller by…

My love for travel began at an early age as compliments of Freemasonry in New Zealand, for five years I travelled 6 times a year from Nelson to Auckland via Wellington for the holidays.

I not only love to travel, but also love planning trips for others - from first time travellers & families, to those re-visiting favourite places, I love creating memories for them that will last a lifetime. I find the best holiday experiences are a blend of organised activity, along with a sense of discovery of new cultures and people.

I enjoy scuba diving, sailing, swimming, netball, hiking and walking half marathons, and most of my personal holidays involve some sort of water activity and walking.

What do I never leave home without ....

New Zealand gifts for your hosts or people you meet, sarong, pegs, wet wipes/baby wipes, pillowcase, laundry bag (to protect delicate items).

Where do I still want to go...

Brazil, Canada, Alaska, Maldives, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Galapagos, Kenya

I'm a member of...

Takapuna North Rotary Club

Life is like a beach - every new wave brings something new.
Live today as if you don’t know if there will be a tomorrow.

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