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Jeremy Matthews

Jeremy Matthews Travel Specialist

Phone: 03 5281550

Long-haul travel to anywhere! Cruising,coach tours,adventure travel. I particularly enjoy sending people to places which are culturally different to their own so that they return having seen and experienced something which has enriched them.

*Have worked in the US and the UK and also travelled independently in UK,Europe,Turkey,South East Asia and India before beginning in the travel industry in 1991. Since being in the travel industry I have been to Fiji,Rarotonga,Bali and Java, Hawaii,China,Hong Kong,Argentina,Chile,Peru,Bolivia,Canada (BC).

*Began my travel career in Wellington in 1991,moved to Christchurch in 1995 and worked in retail leisure and corporate travel until 2015 when I moved to Motueka.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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    I am in Manchester at the moment. I had to extend my stay due to my parents Ill health. Very stressful time and Jeremy at Motueka helped me take the stress away and his customer service is incredible. Extremely professional and thoughtful.


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