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Joanna Corbett

Joanna Corbett Travel Designer / Director

Phone: 07 349 7441
Mobile: 021 393 369

I’m a travel expert in…
…Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, South Pacific Islands (I’ve been to nearly all of them), USA, Australia

I became a World Traveller by…
…not choosing the group tour! I get the biggest buzz from wandering through the markets, having a coffee in a local cafe and just watching the locals just do what they do. I like being amongst it all and not having to experience it through a window.

My best travelling experience is…
... all of it! As soon as I've ticked one off the list, I’m looking for the next one. I live to travel and work to travel. Travel comes first, it’s my hobby. It was like that from the start and will be at the finish.

I never travel without…
…my lipsticks! Even on a three month overland from London to Kathmandu, I would slap it on.

My favourite client story is…
…for me, it's the journey of the ‘someone' new sitting with me, travelling through their first adventure and becoming part of their world of travel. Making a friend, learning what's important to them, and creating a travel experience just for them.

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