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Jodie Stewart

Jodie Stewart Travel Consultant

Phone: 09 256 2102

Jodie's personal travel passion started VERY early - at the age of 3 Jodie was whisked away by her Fairy God Parents on her very first OE - Canada, Hawaii, Disneyland to name a few of the destinations! She has continued over the years to grow this list with her young family always the main focus.

Jodie’s travel career on the other hand began in the high pressure environment of the Virgin Australia Disrupt Team - assisting agents and travellers make last minute decisions and ensuring that journeys could continue with as little impact as possible. When Jodie decided to move on from Virgin she found her true career calling as a Corporate Travel Consultant. In this role Jodie was able to assist in the same high pressure environment while being able to build longstanding relationships with her clients.

While caring for a variety of corporate businesses during her previous role and covering all aspects of their travel management from account management, client reviews and finance solutions the wealth of knowledge that Jodie brings to Inspire is indescribable!

  • "Dealing with Jodie was simple, easy and straightforward"

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