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Laurel Rietveld - Leisure Travel

Laurel Rietveld - Leisure Travel International Travel Consultant

Phone: +64 4 4727688

Countries lived in or visited:

UK, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, USA, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.


Laurel was born and raised in the USA where she travelled extensively throughout the country in her youth. When she was given the opportunity to study abroad in London, she didn’t hesitate to jump at the chance. What was meant to be a short programme instead incited her passion for travel and turned into a seven year venture living and working in the UK. In 2013, she made the move to New Zealand starting her foray into the travel industry. Working as an international travel consultant, she has translated her passion for travel into planning and loves helping her clients to make lasting memories.

Personal Travel, Business Travel Group, Inbound Travel

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