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Leah Gibson - Broker

Leah Gibson - Broker Broker

Mobile: 0226455103

I am now a travel broker working for myself, which means I can work any hours and meet you anywhere! I live in Appleby with a home office, I'm more than happy to meet at a café or your house to catch up and help you book in your next travel plans. Alternatively I am just a text, facebook message, or an email away. I can take credit card payments online or bank transfers to complete bookings with you online or over the phone.

Though without doubt an exciting task, planning a trip overseas can be also be over whelming and somewhat stressful! My planning tools and advice are intended to help you get the full enjoyment of your holiday, with no nasty surprises or unexpected hiccups along the way. I can book, recommend and organise the following for you...

Tours, Sightseeing, Flights, Cruises, Weddings, Foreign money, Travel insurance, Airport lounge passes, Dinner reservations, Range of accommodations, BIG all inclusive holiday packages!!

I also specialize in certain countries I have lived in or visited:

Greece, Italy, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Mexico, Cuba, Peru, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, France, Argentina, Czech Republic, Holland, Germany, England, Niue, Andorra, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland, Bali, Malaysia, Canada, USA, New Caledonia, Australia, Fiji, Rarotonga, and Vanuatu.

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