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Lynette Giles (Director)

Lynette Giles (Director) Director

Phone: 09 425 8009

I'm a travel expert in ...
... THE WORLD ! I love to discover and make myself an expert in exciting and new destinations that my clients choose to travel to. Personally, I have experienced Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga, Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Norfolk Island, New Caledonia, Niue, Tahiti, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Sabah, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, everywhere in New Zealand and 13 cruises both river and ocean.

I became a World Traveller by ...
... having the need to discover the world outside of New Zealand. I started with a trip to visit my uncle in Los Angeles and Disneyland just blew my mind (still love it). From there it's been all about different cultures and experiencing/learning from other people in totally different environments to my own.

My best travelling experience is ...
... every travelling experience has been my best, it's hard to pick just one. 8 weeks travelling through Mexico - amazing, sitting in a small boat on the Amazon River at sunset - awe inspiring, Mississippi River Cruise discovering music through the times from jazz to gospel to country to blues - unforgettable, cruising on the lifeblood of Vietnam & Cambodia on a Mekong River cruise. Just too many to pick.

I never travel without ...
... a sense of humour and adventure. If something goes not quite as planned, it becomes a new and unexpected experience not a problem. I also make sure I have some extra $$ just in case an opportunity presents itself out of the planned itinerary - I may never be able to take up the opportunity again.

About me ... I started in the travel industry in 1983 and have worked for an inbound tour company, rental car & motorhome operator, tour company, cruise wholesaler and various travel agencies.

I have owned this wonderful little business since 2005 and have over 33 years experience in the travel industry. After all this time I am still totally passionate about travel and love to come to my job every single day. On top of my vast knowledge of most destinations, I am an International Cruise Council of Australasia (ICCA) “Master”. Having been on many cruises and on board a huge variety of ships, I can offer you unbiased advice and information for all your cruising needs.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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