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Megan Duncan - Wanaka

Megan Duncan - Wanaka Travel Expert

Phone: 03 443 2034
Mobile: 021 552 513


We all strive to adopt a lifestyle that promotes the idea of health & wellness, I am just so fortunate to have that vocation as my day job!

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Tourism is my passion, ok I am still an avid seeker of adventure and a full-service travel advisor too. One who shares an incredible passion for the art of unveiling the hidden beauty of the world and with 12+ years of experience & a National Certificate in Adventure Tourism, I relish helping others in the quest for unforgettable travel adventures.

As a fun-loving & audacious traveller, mother and partner I am always on the hunt for something new & phenomenal to experience. Let me share my love of travel and at the same time let you experience award winning customer service and proven expertise. B

By the way I can book virtually all online products at prices and packages better than normal retail!

Megan Duncan +64 21 552 513


After completing a National Certificate in Adventure Tourism I spent 6 years living, working and travelling overseas where I developed my love for travel. I have now been working in the travel industry for 9 years and am a Mum to 3 small children- my other great loves! My own personal travel style has changed over the years, from backpacking around the globe and intrepid style group tours, to luxury resorts and boutique cruises, and now to more family orientated travel such as all inclusive family resorts, cruises and experiences - our 3 year old loved the Alpaca Farm we stayed at on our last visit to Australia! It is with my own personal experiences and those of the 100's of clients I have booked in my years as an agent that make me feel confident and excited about helping create dream holidays that will last a lifetime of memories.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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