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Michelle Rook

Michelle Rook Travel Designer

Phone: 64 7 349 7449

I'm a travel expert in

…Fiji, Samoa, New Caledonia, Niue, Tahiti, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Dubai, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Cruising

I became a World Traveller by...

… travelling with my family while I was younger having gone to America, Australia & South Island. All great experiences so I branched out doing a Contiki tour in Europe & realized the travel and tourism world was for me!

My best travelling experience is...

… Too hard to pick a favourite trip of mine! They have all been wonderful and offered amazing experiences – whether it be a relaxing cruise around the islands, exploring the Philippines or self drive with family in Europe

I never travel without...

… multi plug adaptor, packing cells for my suitcase (a new discovery that makes organisation a breeze), a notebook so I can keep a travel diary and the handy XE currency app on my phone

Where I've Cruised...

... South Pacific, Caribbean, Seine River in France (River Cruise)

Where I've been!

My blog posts

  • "

    Always great service, by phone/email. Never had the pleasure of face to face even though I know two Galaxy Travel staff.


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