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Michelle Rook

Michelle Rook Travel Designer

Phone: 64 7 349 7449

I'm a travel expert in

…Fiji, Samoa, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Dubai, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Cruising

I became a World Traveller by...

… travelling with my family while I was younger having gone to America, Australia & South Island. All great experiences so I branched out doing a Contiki tour in Europe & realized the travel and tourism world was for me!

My best travelling experience is...

… Too hard to pick a favourite trip of mine! They have all been wonderful and offered amazing experiences – whether it be a relaxing cruise around the islands, exploring the Philippines or self drive with family in Europe.

I never travel without...

… multi plug adaptor, packing cells for my suitcase (a new discovery that makes organisation a breeze), a notebook so I can keep a travel diary and the handy XE currency app on my phone

Where I've been!

My blog posts

  • "

    Michelle Rook was very professional in booking our trip to Hawaii, with Hawaii Airlines, going the extra mile in advising us of the travel insurance, booking Extra Comfort seats and the link for applying for our Visa's. Sending us an email before our trip that the Lift at our accommodation would not be working due to maintenance and we would have to use the other lift.


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