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Paula Coppell

Paula Coppell Worldwide Travel Designer

Phone: 06 870 8000

I’m a travel expert in…
…Australia, East and Central Africa, cruising, family holidays, Borneo, Myanmar (Burma), New Zealand, Fiji, Rarotonga

I became a World Traveller by…
…visiting some very different destinations like Burma, Borneo and Africa. I love checking out the wildlife in these types of countries.

My best travelling experience is…
…putting on my trekking boots at the foothills of Volcanoe National Park in Hawaii – walking through all sorts of jungle and seeing a total of 20 Gorillas was amazing.

I never travel without…
…a great companion to share my experiences with.

My favourite client story is…
…organising a River Cruise for clients that had only previously travelled to Australia – and then seeing the utter joy on her face when she came in and updated me on her trip. She seriously couldn’t have said ‘amazing’ many more times that she did about her visit.

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    Excellent response to our needs - son in wheelchair. Organisation of our travel was great. As a result we had a wonderful holiday. We felt looked after from the minute we left Napier airport. We experienced wonderful service and that was initiated by Paula's care and planning.


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