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Sheila Lyons

Sheila Lyons

I became a World Traveller by…

My love for travel began when I was in my teens, I partied in Ibiza before it became the party island!! Coming from UK a number of years ago, I have been able to experience the best of both sides of the world.

I not only love to travel, but also love planning trips for others - from first time travellers & families, to those re-visiting favourite places, I love creating memories that last a lifetime.

I'm a travel expert in...the beaches of the South Pacific, the history of Europe, Cruising both ocean and river cruising..... the cultures of Asia, the excitement of the USA.....and that's just a taste.

My best travelling experience is…

.... feeling goose bumps as we turned onto the Grand Canal in Venice, and seeing the stunning view before me

.... riding an elephant through the forest in Bali

.... standing in Red Square in Moscow, and thinking wow, I never thought I would ever get to see Russia

What do I still want to do...

Dance the tango in Buenos Aires

Visit an elephant orphanage in Africa

Go on safari

Cruise the Caribbean

See the Northern Lights

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