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Shelley Jenkins

Shelley Jenkins Manager

Phone: 06 833 7926
Mobile: 0274877486

I’m a travel expert in…
…Asia, Africa, Middle East, South Pacific, Europe, Mediterranean, cruising.

I became a World Traveller by…
…a love of geography and wildlife - I'm talking the big five so I was always watching African wildlife programmes. That along with being able to organise people (which seems to come naturally to me) is the perfect recipe for a travel agent.

My best travelling experience is…
…with a small, soft adventure group. It opens my mind, challenges my senses and offers loads of opportunity to just do it!

I never travel without…
…having researched my destination. It gives me more time to enjoy and explore.

My favourite client story is…
…playing a big part in my client's plans to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. There was a huge amount of preparation required from their side for fitness and gear, whilst I had the fun part of major logistics and planning - right down to which local bus to catch to join the trip on day 1. It was so exciting to get an email and photo when they reached the top!

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