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Silvana Gottini

Silvana Gottini Travel Specialist

Phone: 03 528 1550

What is your specialist areas - South and Central America and Europe

Why do you love the travel industry - because I get to design awesome trips to amazing places, that many people thought they'd never get to see. The satisfaction of them coming back saying it was the trip of a life time is best reward I can think of.

What destinations have you travelled too? All of Central & Sth America extensively (6yrs tour leading from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego) - except Paraguay and the Guyanas/Suriname. USA, Canada, Alaska. Sth East Asia (2yrs tour leading 1yr Vietnam and 1yr Thailand, Laos & China). Lived in Switzerland 3yrs (have Swiss citizenship) Austria, Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, Morocco. Sth Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe & Tanzania. Egypt 2mths. Antarctica. Australia east coast. Rarotonga, Samoa, Niue, Solomon Islands, Hawaii.

A few lines about your career in travel - Worked for Phil, as assistant manager 2yrs,then manager 1yr. Then spent 8yrs on the road as a tour leader 2yrs Asia with Intrepid and 6yrs Latin America with G Adventures. Started my own small group tour company with business partner Nick White, in 2003, called SET or Southern Exposure Tours. Came back to NZ in 2004 and managed United Travel for Phil. Then went to work from home to build up SET. Came back to Phil part time, opened Takaka office, came back to just Motueka. Been here ever since on and off and head overseas 3 to 4 times a year to run my trips or do reckies for new destinations.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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  • "Silvana is the only Travel Agent who has consistently given me best flights for best value; she gets flight connections spot on, with no rushing or long waits. She clearly is experienced to know where and how to look, and she does it promptly. She answers all my questions, before and after booking! She has earnt my trust, and I would rather wait till she's back in the office than be referred to another agent."

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