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Tanu Kaur

Tanu Kaur Travel Consultant

Phone: 09 256 2109

Tanu is the newest member of the Inspire Travel team and began her travel career in one of the most interesting ways!!

After completing her Tourism Certificate at New Zealand School of Tourism Tanu made her way to the Happiest Place on Earth - interning at Walt Disney World Florida!

Making the most of her North American placement Tanu travelled throughout the USA during her 7 month placement - her favourite destination being snowy New York.

Tanu has also travelled throughout South East Asia with Singapore being her favourite and India a close second. She has also 'fished her feet' as they say and travelled closer to home around NZ and Australia.

After returning from her travels Tanu has returned to NZ and most recently worked as a retail consultant and is eager to transition into the corporate travel arena. She enjoys building relationships with both her travellers and travel bookers and ensuring the highest standards are met during the entire process.

We are sure that you will join us in welcoming Tanu to the team.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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