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Tanya Marshall -Christchurch

Tanya Marshall -Christchurch Travel Professional

Phone: 022 088 1872

After time away raising the kids I am returning to my love of helping others get away on a wonderful family holiday, or a romantic getaway, or that round the world wanderlust trip. I worked for many years in a busy central city travel agency, looking after everything from backpacking, to cruising, food and wine tours, wonderful beach escapes to Alaskan small boat cruises, train journeys, self-drive or motorhome holidays, business travel and everything in between, always with great quality travel insurance in place.
Before arriving in New Zealand I worked with my husband on Luxury yachts, travelling the high seas and visiting many, many ports around the world, taking care of extremely high profile guests and providing them with amazing holidays. I will always bring that level of service and attention to detail, no matter if the trip is big or small, to the other side of the world or just across the ditch.

I can meet you when it suits you, at a cafe, your place or mine, and help turn your dream/plan into a fabulous holiday, creating wonderful memories, or a catch up with long lost relatives, or a smooth and seamless business trip. I will scour all avenues to make sure I deliver great value so you can rest assured I’ll do all the leg work so you don't have to and you can enjoy your holiday from inception to return home.

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