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Teryl Tumai

Teryl Tumai Travel Professional

Mobile: 021 837 957

I’m a travel expert in ...
...the Pacific Islands. You can have any kind of holiday you want in the islands.

I became a World Traveller after…
…eight years in travel with one of the largest travel companies in the country and the last five years of being a stay at home parent to my two children, World Travellers and Fuzion Travel allows me the best of both worlds.

My best travelling experiences are…
...- 30th birthday in the remote islands of Fiji on board the Tui Tai; - Hong Kong 7’s with Cathay Pacific with corporate box and VIP treatment; - two weeks through China from Beijing to Shanghai with my sister.

I never travel without…
...anti-bacterial wipes, jandals and camera!

My reason for being…
…‘’The World is a book - and those who do not travel, read only one page’’ – St. Augustine

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