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About World Travellers

World Travellers was formed in 2010 as a fresh new brand of travel agencies for those seeking a trusted way of planning travel, executed personally, professionally and with maximum care and expertise.

The group is made up of highly successful, like-minded travel agency owner-operators, each with decades of experience. World Travellers is a 100% locally-owned cooperative company which offers innovative and fresh travel solutions to customers. The group has over 30 retail and mobile travel businesses located throughout New Zealand.

Important Information

Becoming a member of World Travellers involves purchasing shares in World Travellers Limited. Issues of shares in New Zealand are regulated by the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. World Travellers Limited does not intend to conduct a regulated offer of financial products in accordance with Part 3 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Any shares that are issued would need to fall within one of the exceptions set out in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

No money is currently being sought. Shares in World Travellers Limited cannot be applied for. Nothing on this website should be interpreted as suggesting otherwise.

A unique model to benefit customers and achieve growth

World Travellers is wholly owned by its member businesses, who are all shareholders, and operates as a true cooperative. Retained profits are passed back to the shareholders and do not go to a head office or management profit centre with corporate or private ownership. World Travellers sole aim is to provide a better return for its members to drive local growth and benefit our customers.

The World Travellers culture

  • solid
  • trustworthy
  • independent and objective
  • fun, fresh and innovative
  • deliverers of outstanding, high touch customer service
  • creators of spectacular travel deals
  • respected corporate citizens

To achieve this we live and breathe travel; we are:

  • open and honest
  • reliable and talented
  • experts in the intricacies of international travel
  • “people people” who genuinely care
  • driven to put our customers first, every single day
  • passionate about the business of travel
  • totally committed to the success of the World Travellers brand

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