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Board of Directors

The current board of World Travellers is made up primarily of the owners and managing directors of the founding World Travellers member businesses. Directors are voted onto the board by the shareholders. Every World Travellers member holds an equal shareholding in World Travellers, and therefore has equal voting rights.

Craig Corbett - Chairman

craig.jpgCraig is based in Rotorua and comes from an Industrial management background. He joined the travel industry in 1996 through the purchase of Galaxy Travel. Through a number of directorships in both travel and general business, Craig brings a wide range of governance experience to World Travellers. Craig is also actively involved with Sport Bay of Plenty and has been a trustee for the last seven years.

Shelley Jenkins - Director

Shelley Dunn.jpg

Shelley has been involved in the travel industry since leaving school. Her early training under the governance of a Travel Cadetship, covered wholesale, travel accounting, inbound groups, conferencing and retail. Subsequent roles involved retail management, building a corporate travel business and retail ownership. Shelley joined the innovative World Travellers Cooperative group early on, and now brings her years of hands on experience and passion for business ownership to the board.

Campbell McMahon - Independent Director

Butch Bradley

Butch closeup.jpg

Butch has been involved with the travel industry for a number of years, supplying communications and marketing services to Holiday Shoppe, Budget Travel, Mondo and Travel Managers Group. As a specialist in organisational development, he has worked with a number of commercial entities providing strategic and business development advise. He holds qualifications in Management, Business Administration and is a Marriage Celebrant.

Tania Stranks

Tania Stranks.jpg

Tania has been in the travel industry for over 25 years and during that time has worked in many areas of the industry from Airport Assistance, Franchise store management, Mid office systems developer, Corporate, Retail and Group travel. She now specialises in Corporate incentive group travel and conferences giving her the flexibility to work her own hours and have a work life balance and allow more time with her 11 year old son. The travel industry is addictive with no one day being the same and there is always something new and exciting to learn or see.

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